How to change or upload the background of your survey?

How to change or upload the background of your survey?
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You can customise the look and feel of every survey to fit your needs on SurveyPoint. In order to change the background of your entire survey at once, use the “design tab” to make the changes.

Follow these simple steps to change or upload the background:

Go to the design section in any survey. In this tab, you’ll find all the options to customise the look of your survey.

If you like to have a plain background, just click on the “Background option” and select the colour of your choice.

In addition, you can upload any image you want or even select pictures from the free images library.

Just search the relevant “keyword” and select from the array of image options.

Once you’re done exploring, select the image you want and ta-da! Your survey just got spiced up. The background will quickly switch from default to our preference.

Pro Tip:

If you want to change the background image for a specific question, add the image from the “setting section” and follow the remaining instructions.

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