How Survey Point Aids Market research

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Research & development is emerging as one of the leading sectors in today’s economy with market research as one of the key elements. Many large institutions and companies are investing a large proportion in research to study their competitiveness in the market, know their customers’ needs and retain them, test new products, measure advertising effectiveness, etc. Decisions based on good market research can help detect shortfalls in service or product and hence increase productivity and minimize risk. One of the major functions of market research is to know the target audience. Through surveys, a company can know the customer’s satisfaction with the product or service and their likes and dislikes.

The Survey Point is one such innovative initiative by Sambodhi Research and Communications LTD., an online survey tool aiming to reduce the time and effort an organization puts in while creating surveys. This online survey software can make the tedious task of creating surveys a ‘no sweat’ task while maintaining the efficiency manifold. This solution aligns with the company’s mission to make this troublesome task a handy one and make it as ‘easy as a pie’.

The Survey Point understands the need to conduct market research, develop marketing strategies, and hence, undergo market growth. Though Survey Point is a vast platform with varied features, market research is one aspect of it.

It has a collection of tools that simplifies the process of creating professional surveys. Professional surveys can be created by a simple drop and drag mechanism with simple coding as well as the software is equipped with high-end functions that are used at the advanced level. This survey tool builder is multilingual in the sense that one can create surveys in multiple languages highlighting the diverse culture in India as well as globally. The Survey Point also comes with a question bank covering a wide range of thematic and sub-thematic areas collected from various trustable sources. Further, one can customize the surveys by altering font size, color, theme, borders, etc. This survey-making software reduces the time, effort, and brain one needs to put in while designing a survey.

It is ahead of other contemporary products in the market due to its ease of use, multilingual feature, and customization features.

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