Rewind the Clock: Test Your Knowledge with Our Epic ‘Back to the Future Quiz’ – 42 Questions Await!

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Embark on a thrilling journey with our ‘Back to the Future Quiz’ – 42 Questions quiz. Challenge your understanding of this iconic movie trilogy through 15 thought-provoking questions. Are you a true time-travel aficionado?

Welcome, fellow time travellers, to the ultimate ‘Back to the Future Quiz‘ experience! This blog is your passport to an exciting adventure through time. Our ‘Back to the Future Quiz‘ – 42 Questions promises an engaging ride filled with nostalgia and challenges.

Ready to test your knowledge for Back to the Future Quiz?

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Grab your flux capacitor and get ready for a wild ride! Here are 42 challenging questions that will separate the true “Back to the Future Quiz” experts from the casual movie-watchers.

1. What is the name of the main character in ‘Back to the Future’?

a) Marty McFly

b) Doc Brown

c) Biff Tannen

d) George McFly

2. In which year does Marty McFly travel to in the DeLorean time machine?

a) 1955

b) 1985

c) 2015

d) 1885

3. What is the name of Marty’s girlfriend in the movie?

a) Jennifer

b) Lorraine

c) Clara

d) Elaine

4. Which famous musician makes a cameo appearance in the first film as one of the judges during the school’s battle of the bands?

a) Chuck Berry

b) Eric Clapton

c) Huey Lewis

d) Michael Jackson

5. What is the flux capacitor?

a) A time-travel device

b) A musical instrument

c) A futuristic weapon

d) A communication device

6. What type of car is the time machine?

a) Chevrolet Camaro

b) Ford Mustang

c) DeLorean DMC-12

d) Pontiac Firebird

7. What is the name of Marty’s band?

a) The Time Travelers

b) The Flux Capacitors

c) The Starlighters

d) The Clock Watchers

8. What is the source of power for the DeLorean time machine?

a) Plutonium

b) Solar energy

c) Lightning

d) Gasoline

9. What does Doc Brown famously exclaim when things go wrong?

a) “Great Scott!”

b) “Oh no!”

c) “This is heavy!”

d) “What a disaster!”

10. What does Marty accidentally call himself in the past, endangering his own existence?

a) Calvin Klein

b) George McFly

c) Marty Johnson

d) Time Traveler X

11. Which sport does Biff Tannen engage in as a student in 1955?

a) Baseball

b) Football

c) Basketball

d) Wrestling

12. What iconic dance move does Marty perform at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance?

a) The Moonwalk

b) The Twist

c) The Charleston

d) The Johnny B. Goode Shuffle

13. What is the name of the shopping mall where the time machine is tested in the first movie?

a) Hill Valley Mall

b) Twin Pines Mall

c) Lone Pine Mall

d) Clocktower Plaza

14. What message does Doc Brown receive at the end of ‘Back to the Future Part II’?

a) “You’re fired!”

b) “It’s a boy!”

c) “Great Scott! Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

d) “Mission accomplished!”

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Answer Key Back to the Future Quiz 

1) Marty McFly

2) 2015

3) Jennifer

4) Huey Lewis

5) A time-travel device

6) DeLorean DMC-12

7) The Starlighters

8) Plutonium

9) "Great Scott!"

10) Calvin Klein

11) Football

12) The Moonwalk

13) Twin Pines Mall

14) "Great Scott! Something's gotta be done about your kids!"

15. What town does Marty McFly come from?

a) Hill Valley

b) Springfield

c) Enchantment Under the Sea

d) Twin Pines Mall

16. What is the model of Doc Brown’s time machine?

a) DeLorean DMC-12

b) Pontiac Fiero

c) Ford Mustang

d) Volkswagen Beetle

17. Who is Marty’s father in 1955?

a) Arthur McFly

b) George McFly

c) Biff Tannen

d) Goldie Wilson

18. How does Marty accidentally prevent his parents from meeting in 1955?

a) He spills a soda on George

b) He bumps into George’s skateboard

c) He tells George Lorraine doesn’t like him

d) He steals the car George wants to buy

19. What is the name of the high school dance Marty attends in 1955?

a) Enchantment Under the Sea

b) The Blast from the Past Ball

c) The Junior Prom

d) The Twist and Shout

20. How does Marty get his parents to fall in love?

a) He gives George guitar lessons

b) He impersonates Chuck Berry

c) He helps George stand up to Biff

d) He tells Lorraine he’s her future son

21. What does Doc Brown need to send Marty back to 1985?

a) A bolt of lightning

b) A gallon of plutonium

c) A flux capacitor

d) A time-traveling DeLorean

22. What does Marty accidentally change when he alters the past?

a) His family becomes rich

b) His parents never meet

c) Biff becomes mayor of Hill Valley

d) Marty disappears from existence

23. How does Marty fix the timeline?

a) He convinces his parents to elope

b) He steals the Sports Almanac from Biff

c) He gives George a winning lottery ticket

d) He builds a new time machine

24. What does Marty do with the Sports Almanac?

a) He returns it to Biff

b) He burns it

c) He gives it to Doc Brown

d) He sells it to make money

25. What famous musician does Marty impersonate in the 1955 school dance?

a) Elvis Presley

b) Chuck Berry

c) Marvin Gaye

d) The Beach Boys

26. What is the name of the diner where Marty meets Lorraine’s father?

a) Lou’s Cafe

b) The Burger King

c) Cafe 50s

d) The Malt Shop

27. What does Biff use the Sports Almanac to do?

a) Win the lottery

b) Become a famous athlete

c) Marry Lorraine

d) Take over Hill Valley

28. What does Marty learn from his time travel adventure?

a) He shouldn’t change the past

b) The future is predetermined

c) He should appreciate his family

d) Time travel is dangerous

Back to the Future Quiz: Answer Key

15) Hill Valley

16) DeLorean DMC-12

17) George McFly

18) He tells George Lorraine doesn't like him

19) Enchantment Under the Sea

20) He helps George stand up to Biff

21) A bolt of lightning

22) Biff becomes mayor of Hill Valley

23) He steals the Sports Almanac from Biff

24) He burns it

25) Chuck Berry

26) Lou's Cafe

27) Win the lottery

28) He should appreciate his family
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quiz questions with answers

29. What is the name of Doc Brown’s time machine?

a) Flux Capacitor 

b) DeLorean 

c) Time Machine 3000 

d) The Jules Verne

30. What year does Marty travel back to in the first movie?

a) 1945 

b) 1955 

c) 1965 

d) 1975

31. Who plays the older version of Biff Tannen?

a) Thomas F. Wilson 

b) Billy Zane 

c) J.J. Cohen 

d) Clint Eastwood

32. What car does Marty need to drive to generate 1.21 gigawatts of power?

a) Mustang 

b) Camaro 

c) DeLorean 

d) Thunderbird

33. What does Doc Brown slip on that inspires the flux capacitor?

a) Banana peel 

b) Soap 

c) Toy car 

d) Skateboard

34. What event does Marty interfere with in 1955?

a) His parents’ first meeting

b) His dad punching Biff 

c) His mom cheating on a test

d) His uncle’s job interview

35. What band does Marty pretend to be a member of?

a) The Beatles 

b) The Doors 

c) Van Halen 

d) The Rolling Stones

36. What year does Biff go back to, to change history?

a) 1955 

b) 1965 

c) 1975 

d) 1985

37. How fast must the DeLorean drive to time travel?

a) 75 mph 

b) 88 mph 

c) 100 mph 

d) 120 mph

38. What does Doc wear in the Old West?

a) Poncho 

b) Sombrero 

c) Boots 

d) Sheriff badge

39. What happens to Biff after the timeline is fixed?

a) Goes to jail 

b) Gets rich 

c) Becomes mayor 

d) Disappears

40. What is the message for Doc that Marty tries to deliver before Doc is shot?

a) Wear a bulletproof vest

b) Meet at the blacksmith shop 

c) The Libyans are coming 

d) Your future self sent this note

41. How does Doc describe the new flying abilities of the DeLorean?

a) It has wings 

b) It hovers 

c) It has a jet engine 

d) Where we’re going we don’t need roads

42. What sci-fi trilogy is Doc familiar with?

a) Terminator 

b) Star Wars 

c) Back to the Future 

d) The Matrix

Back to the Future Quiz: Answer Key

29) DeLorean

30) 1955

31) Thomas F. Wilson

32) DeLorean

33) Banana peel

34) His parents' first meeting

35) Van Halen

36) 1985

37) 88 mph

38) Sombrero

39) Disappears

40) The Libyans are coming

41) Where we're going we don't need roads

42) Star Wars


As we conclude our journey through time, we hope this Back to the Future Quiz and exploration of the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy have reignited your passion for this cinematic gem. The DeLorean may not be parked in your garage, but the memories and knowledge gained from this adventure will undoubtedly stay with you forever.

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