Course Evaluation Survey Questions: A Deep Dive with Examples

Course Evaluation Survey Questions: A Deep Dive with Examples

Students’ opinions can be used to make decisions through course evaluation survey questions. They should be a regular part of the semester and set up to get the most valuable and enlightening information from the students. With the best possible course evaluation questions, you’ll be able to make better analyses and decisions about the faculty and the curriculum.

Find out how to better use program evaluation survey questions for research. Even though it’s easy to forget, giving courses taught in different fields of different weights is essential. Some broad questions can be asked about almost any college subject, but the more specific ones help students understand the material better. Every academic institution has open-ended course evaluation questions taught by each department.

This post has gathered a list of the most effective evaluation survey question examples.

The answers to these questions are presented in the following format:

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Course-specific survey questions

The materials for the course are just as good as the instructor’s. Course materials are necessary because they help students learn and do well in their classes. The course materials should be changed as much as possible to fit the people they are meant for. The types of students who access a course change how complex and in-depth its content is. Even though there are many different course materials, they should help students learn. Here are the most crucial course evaluation survey questions that should be on your survey.

  1. In the course syllabus, the learning goals were stated clearly.
  2. The course covered the skills and talked about the topics in a clear way.
  3. The course material is very relevant to me.
  4. Expectations for learning were made clear in the course.
  5. The way the course was set up helped me understand it better.
  6. There was a good mix of theory and practice in this class.
  7. The syllabus was followed.
  8. The lecture and assignments for the course went well together.
  9. The instructions and explanations in this course were easy to understand.
  10. The course gave me learning materials that helped me understand things better and learn more.
  11. The work we had to do for class helped us understand the subject better.
  12. The course assignments matched what the course was about and what was on the syllabus.
  13. The assignments for my classes were an excellent way to test what I’ve learned so far.
  14. The materials provided were helpful and well-suited to the course’s objectives.
  15. The tests were a good way to see how much I had learned in this class.
  16. The workload and course requirements were suitable for the level of the course.
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Instructor-specific survey questions

Teachers have the most significant influence on their students. The standard of an institution’s education is proportional to the caliber of its teaching staff. Teachers and administrators can find out more about how their students feel by giving out surveys that are made just for them. It is important to understand how students see classroom activities and to use that information to improve one’s methods of instruction.

  1. The teacher came to class well-prepared.
  2. My teacher made it clear what skills we were going to learn.
  3. The teacher was helpful when students needed help or had questions.
  4. My teacher explained the ideas very well.
  5. The teacher used ways of teaching that helped me learn.
  6. My teacher made good use of our lesson time.
  7. Student engagement was highly encouraged by the teacher.
  8. My instructor spoke precisely and was simple to follow.
  9. The teacher’s techniques worked well.
  10. All of the classwork and exercises were well-planned by the teacher.
  11. When I needed extra assistance, my teacher was accessible before and after class.
  12. Learning was enhanced by the instructor’s carefully crafted atmosphere.
  13. The goals and parameters of the project were laid out with the aid of my instructor.
  14. The teacher treated the students with respect and dignity.
  15. My teacher gave me everything I needed to finish the course well.
  16. The teacher was accommodating when I was having trouble with a given task.
  17. My teacher helped me as an individual.
  18. The teacher encouraged students to take part in discussions.
  19. My teacher turned in my assignments and tests on time.

General/overall survey questions

When classifying issues, some don’t fit under any one heading. These are essential inquiries since the answers will give you immediate insight into the student’s time at college.

  1. I strongly advise other students to take this course.
  2. I suggest this teacher to other students.
  3. This course helped me move toward getting my degree.
  4. This course had a lot of educational value and impact.
  5. Overall, this teacher met my expectations.
  6. This class was challenging.
  7. This class made me think about the subject.

Student-Focused Questions

  1. The course made me think more deeply about the subject.
  2. This class helped me get better at talking to people from different backgrounds.
  3. The course gave me the confidence to take complete charge of my learning.
  4. I go to classes regularly.
  5. This course has offered me the tools I need to become a successful professional.
  6. This class prompted me to start investigating issues on my own.
  7. The course helped me get better at talking to people and giving talks.
  8. My preparation for this class was thorough.
  9. The class helped me improve how I think critically.
  10. The course helped me get better at writing.
  11. I’ve put in plenty of time and effort to learn and understand more.
  12. The class gave me a chance to put theory into practice.
  13. The course helped me get better at solving problems.
  14. This class has made me more interested in the subject.
  15. This course has given me the foundation to move on to more advanced material.

Open-ended course evaluation questions

The answers to these questions don’t have to be multiple choice, but they do have to be detailed.

  1. Why did you decide to take this class?
  2. Which things you read helped you the most, and which helped you the least?
  3. Please list the most important things to work on.
  4. Do you have other suggestions for enhancing the course?
  5. What components of the class helped you the most to learn?
  6. What sections of the class made it hard for you to learn?
  7. Are you still as engaged in the class as you were when you started?


By giving students a course evaluation questions pdf, you can find out more about the quality of your course and how they felt about it. If you use them right, they can help you do better in your course. Add course evaluation survey questions to help you concentrate on the areas that need the most work. If you’re trying to survey to evaluate a class, this post will help.

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