Make your surveys more engaging with these questions 

Surveys are an essential part of a brand’s growth. They can often split the difference between a brand people trust and one they would avoid.  

Well-designed surveys provide complex information on people’s opinions and behaviors that can be used for critical decisions. Responses to online surveys help a business: 

  • Conduct market analysis to construct supporting statistics 
  • Research audience demographics, manners, and needs 
  • Collect and analyze customer feedback about a service 

The path to better surveys starts with creating better surveys that people are eager to complete. And to be effective, the survey questions must be geared appropriately to achieve the intended outcome. Get the most out of your survey questionnaire with SurveyPoint. Collecting and interpreting data into intelligent decisions has never been this fun before! 

Use cases and tips for creating engaging surveys  

Businesses aim to achieve a 60% response rate to their surveys. As the non-response bias percentage rises, the reliability of a survey becomes questionable once the reaction rate drops below 50%.  

Getting to 60% doesn’t come naturally. However, by designing surveys that grab people’s attention, you can increase your chances of an elevated response rate.  

Questions must be formatted in the exact way that will provide maximum insight into the consumer’s life and experience with the product.  

Here are the best survey questions you can use to boost customer interaction and make them more engaging: 

  1. What is one word you would use to describe our brand? Sometimes, minimalism is the key. One word can say much about a consumer’s brand perception. One-word answers can say a lot. While ‘trustworthy’ and ‘original’ are ideal, words like ‘generic’ and ‘substandard’ can point out flaws. 
  1. On a level of 1-10, how well did we meet your expectations? In an ideal world, the customer’s expectation perfectly aligns with the brand’s mission. It is vital to evaluate how products are portrayed to the public versus what they actually do. Ideally, the consumer should be well aware of the product’s performance before they have purchased it, so there is no disconnect between them and the brand. 
  1. What other products would you like to see us offer? Brands should always try and seize vast business opportunities. Often, if consumers like one line of products from a brand, they may want that brand to make other similar items that will help them in daily life. The growth and expansion of the brand are essential to the company’s vision. 
  1. Which one feature of our product would you change if you could? No product is perfect, but a brand should aim to get as close to perfection as possible. This question will help consumers guide brands in the right direction. Brands should use this question to improve their products further. 
  1.  For what purpose are you using [product name]? Business or personal use? There is a massive difference between corporate and personal product line-ups. A product may have no specific target audience, but it may land in a situation that makes it more relevant to one demographic than another. This is why it is necessary to learn if your consumers are using them for business or personal use so you can update them to the required standard. 
  1.  How satisfied were you with your customer service experience? Customer service is as, if not more, important than the product itself. Your customer service should reflect how much you respect your customers’ opinions about your products and how well they feel supported following their purchase. 

So, there we have it. Using these six questions in your business surveys will maximize their effectiveness. These will allow a business to efficiently receive honest feedback, views, and responses from customers and employ that information to improve distinct areas of the company.  

In addition to providing unbiased data to guide business decisions, survey responses can bolster or provoke strategic business discussions. Survey feedback can also tell you what customers think about your brand and products and provide a baseline for comparison over time. Hopefully, they can work for you too! 

Do you have a hard time making surveys that are both interactive and have higher completion rates? Try SurveyPoint today. 

Whether you need intelligent surveys, respondents enjoy answering, or insights you can share effectively, we have got your back. 

Heena Shah 

Heena Shah
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