60+ Training Survey Questions To Include In Your Survey

60+ Training Survey Questions To Include In Your Survey

Training can be an essential part of the hiring and onboarding process. But knowing how efficient that training was is equally essential. Post-training survey questions allow you to identify where your training session was lacking and how to improve it for your next training session.

This blog will help you explore the top questions to choose from when searching for post-training survey questions and what are the benefits of doing a training survey. 

Benefits Of Conducting Post-Training Surveys 

You Can Evaluate Participation Reaction. 

A training survey is simply a series of simple Q&As. These surveys can be a great way to evaluate the employee’s readiness towards the onboarding process and whether or not they enjoyed the process or not. 

Keep your surveys informal, add several design elements or choose from the pre-made templates SurveyPoint offers to keep your participants engaged. 

It Helps You Measure The Employee’s Knowledge. 

Gaining the right amount of knowledge is vital during a training session. Simply put, if the employees are unaware of the company’s goals, how will they fit in the culture? Training helps your employees understand the purpose and culture of an organization. 

And through a training feedback survey, you can evaluate their knowledge and learn what they have learned. This makes onboarding easy for you and the employee. 

You Can Determine the Effectiveness Of The Training. 

During training, you might send out a survey asking participants about their previous work behaviour and how they learned about their new job.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the training session can help you improve your sessions and provide the needed knowledge that helps soothe your onboarding process. 

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Top Training Survey Questions 

Here are 60+ training survey questions for employees to make your onboarding a piece of cake: 


This category will include questions that will help evaluate the course structure of the training. 

  • Was the training process clear to you? 
  • Did you feel comfortable with the number of people per session? 
  • Was the sequence of the training structure logical? 
  • Did you get the needed clarity about the company’s structure and goals? 
  • Were the activities during the training process engaging? 
  • What part of the training part was confusing to you? 
  • Where do you think our training structure lacks the most? 
  • What was the level of engagement and fun in the training sessions? 
  • Was the overall raining process engaging? 
  • Did you feel like all the course units were clearly separated and well-addressed? 


Here are some question examples to help you determine the content quality of the training process: 

  • Was the content quality of the training courses good? 
  • How do you describe the overall quality of the content taught to you? 
  • Were the course contents engaging and interesting? 
  • Was the language easily understandable? 
  • Did the trainer make use of visual aids to make you better understand? 
  • How well did the trainer explain each part of the course? 
  • Which part of the curse was the most boring? 
  • Was the course content presented interactively and engagingly? 
  • Was the course hard to understand? 
  • Did the trainer provide in-depth clarity of all the contents stated in the course? 
  • Is there any repetition in the course? 
  • Where do you think the topics lack in content quality the most?
  • Did you need to read anything over again to really get it? 
  • Did you find any recurrence in the course material? 
  • What did you find to be the most exciting aspect of the course material? 
  • How fascinating was the whole thing? 
  • Which course materials did you find to be most helpful?


Here are some instances of post-training survey questions to get delivery and presentation feedback: 

  • Did the instructor effectively present the training content? 
  • What were the best course components, in your opinion? 
  • Was the course automated in any way? 
  • Which speaker had your full attention? 
  • Was there a sufficient amount of audio or video in the training process? 
  • Which speaker do you think you learned the most from? 
  • Did the training include enough engaging activities? 
  • What was the training session’s general tenor? 
  • Felt the course to be too far away? 
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving the course presentation? 
  • Would you suggest making the course more interactive?


Here’s how you can gather feedback on the training course duration: 

  • In your opinion, how long or how short was the training? 
  • Do you believe you could have made better use of your time? 
  • How much time did it take to complete the training? 
  • Did you take a break from the course? And if so, when? 
  • Have you had enough time to finish the test or tests? 
  • Do you have any more opinions regarding the length of the course?


Here are some post-training survey questions to evaluate the feedback of the trainer: 

  • Which instructor was the most useful, in your opinion? 
  • Did the instructor clearly communicate the company’s goals?
  • Was the instructor compassionate? 
  • Did the instructor demonstrate a thorough understanding of the material? 
  • How animated was the instructor during the training? 
  • Did you feel at ease talking to your trainer about your issues? 
  • How well-prepared was the trainer for each lesson? 
  • Which type of training material did the trainer utilize that you found most helpful? 
  • Did your trainer provide prompt answers to your questions? 
  • Have you ever felt the need for additional help during a particular session? 
  • How would you rate your experience with each instructor?

User Experience 

Here are some examples for gathering insights on user experience: 

  • Did you find the training courses to be easy to navigate? 
  • Was the learning platform’s UI simple to use and understand? 
  • Was it easy to get used to the learning platform? 
  • Did you find the user interface to be easy to use? 
  • What aspect of the interface’s design did you like the most? 
  • Did you get detailed instructions on utilizing and navigating the platform? 
  • Would you say that learning how to use the platform took away valuable training time? 
  • Do you have any recommendations for enhancing the overall experience and design?

Technical Issues 

You can include the following questions if you want to address the technical efficiency of the course: 

  • Have you found any bugs? 
  • Was there a delay in the training material’s delivery? 
  • Is there any broken link that you’ve seen? 
  • Have you been able to load all the documents or pages? 
  • Have you had any issues loading the video? 
  • Was the font correctly displayed?


Here are some questions to evaluate the environment of your training session: 

  • Was the training facility a comfortable place to be? 
  • Did anything distract you while you were taking the course? 
  • Did you complete your training in a peaceful environment? 
  • Would you enrol in the same course online? 
  • On a mobile device, would you enrol in the same course? 
  • Which device did you use to finish the course? 
  • Would you feel at ease commuting while taking this course? 
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Training Outcomes

  • Have you met your overall learning objectives? 
  • Did the course teach you any new information? 
  • Would you enrol on a similar course again? 
  • Would you suggest this training to a fellow employee? 
  • Did you accomplish your training goals? 
  • Do you feel ready to start in your new position? 
  • Were the objectives of this training course evident from the start? 
  • What did you find to be the training’s most helpful element? 
  • Do you have any ideas about improving this course’s effectiveness? 

Learner’s Experience 

  • Do you have a better understanding of all the course’s topics?
  • What skills did you gain from this training session?
  • Which part do you think you learned the most from?
  • Do you prefer online training modules or in-person training sessions?
  • Which trainer helped you hit your learning goals most effectively?
  • How could we improve the learning experience?
  • Did the course workload interfere with your work activities?

Accessibility Of The Course

  • Was it simple to obtain and comprehend the training materials? 
  • How simple was it for you to find and apply the training materials? 
  • During training, could you hear your instructor clearly? 
  • During the course, how quickly did the instructor reply to your queries? 
  • Was the font size and style manageable for the eyes? 
  • Would you want to see more features for accessibility? 


  • Were the gamification aspects annoying to you? 
  • Would you like to see elements of gamification included in the course? 
  • Did the gamification tools make the educational process appear overly competitive? 
  • Did the gamification elements motivate you to perform better on tests? 
  • Would you like anonymous leaderboards?
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