Best Internal Communication Questionnaire: Top 20 Questions to Include

Internal Communication Questionnaire

Have you been searching for an internal communication questionnaire PDF recently? You kept browsing for hours but couldn’t find the perfect guide. Worry not! This post contains all of the necessary information. 

Here, we will understand internal communication questionnaires and discuss internal customer survey question examples

So you are putting time and money into internal communications as a top priority. But how do you learn if you spend your time and money well? A key part of any plan for internal communication is keeping track of how engaged employees are. In reality, if a company cares about what its employees think of the company, their jobs, and their place in the company, it needs to do an internal communications survey.

What is an Internal Communications Survey?

An internal communications survey is a set of questions that employees of a company are asked to answer to find out how well communication is working within the company. The goal is to find ways to improve communication and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Why is Conducting an Internal Communications Survey Important?

When a business does an internal communications survey, it can help employees understand how their work helps the company reach its goals.

Creating an internal communications plan that is in sync with your organization’s culture is a crucial step toward a more productive and engaged workplace.

Consider and map out your communications plan and how the survey should fit into that plan before you get started. Before putting too much money into new projects, it’s essential to determine whether the company’s current communication strategies are working.

After all, your employees are an essential part of this process, and it’s wise to ask for feedback before starting a big project. Along with the money, an internal communications survey is enough to boost morale and work output.

How to Construct an Internal Communications Survey?

Before making a communication plan for your employee engagement survey, here are four things to consider.

  • Length

When doing an internal communications survey, asking fewer questions is better. Write in a clear, concise way. If you want to avoid a common mistake in internal communications, ask only a few complex questions in your survey. Your remote staff, who probably need help finding a proper balance between work and life, will appreciate a simple survey.

The number of responses you get will go down if you ask too many questions, ask the same thing repeatedly, or use vague language. To get as many answers as possible, the questions on the employee engagement survey should be easy to understand and written generally in the workplace. A fair rule of thumb is to have at most 75 questions in the survey. The survey shouldn’t bear more than 20–30 minutes to complete. If you wait too long, the number of responses will go down.

You can use an eNPS inquiry to get to the heart of the matter quickly. Your employee Net Promoter Score will be based on how you answer the questions.

  • Frequency

The idea is to do it often but not too much. Achievers has found that only 11% of businesses do employee surveys more often than once a year. In today’s workplace, where things change quickly, more than survey data collected once a year is required. The information will be out of date by the time the survey is over.

Since official policies and procedures change daily, and new ones are constantly added, it’s important to do internal communications surveys more often than in the past. You need to know how your staff is doing weekly so you can help them when needed. Employee check-ins are the current standard for good internal communication.

You should set up regular times to collect data when making employee communication surveys. A communications app for employees could be a big help in planning. Using the built-in modules for tracking feedback and engagement, it’s easy to plan for regular polls and surveys.

With the help of an employee app, you can send survey requests to everyone on your staff simultaneously and in the same way. Also, the comments you get are always up to date, so you can see how other people are feeling right now.

  • Reach

Every employee at your company must fill out the internal communication survey questionnaire. When doing an employee poll, it needs to be more familiar for the message to only reach a small number of workers, making it impossible for hard-to-reach workers to say anything. Since more people now work from home, this problem has gotten more attention.

When it comes to internal communications, an app lets employees keep using the tools they know best, no matter what hardware or software they use. You can ensure your survey is complete by reaching out to all of your employees, whether at home, at the office, or on the go.

It’s also essential to make sure all employees get identical information at the same time. To work well, communication with remote employees must happen at the same time as communication with employees in the office. Through the internal communications software, the poll was sent right away to all employees. This promotes equality. No one should feel like they don’t know what’s going on.

  • Type

There are many ways to make a questionnaire for an internal communications survey. Some examples of acceptable basic, in-depth questions have been given above. Doing regular “pulse” surveys is another way to determine how a company is doing. If you already have software for internal communication, you can slowly add all three of the following:

  • Surveys

Create polls with simple or complicated answers that will reach everyone on your staff. Modules for running surveys are full of features like question-and-answer routing, validation, weighted solutions, multiple choice, and scales. Choose the one that best fits you, and then mix things up.

  • Polls

Give out short, one-question polls to find out what the staff thinks. Using a short form, anyone can poll, and the results can be shown in a simple pie chart. Use a poll to understand the company’s mood quickly and determine what employees think about internal communications.

  • Pulse

Do regular audits to keep track of how your business is doing. If you want to keep track of employee morale, you can use smiley face surveys or make your signs of the company’s health, like a scale from 1 to 10.

Now that we have thoroughly understood internal communication surveys let us now discuss various types of internal communication survey questions.

Internal Communication Audit Questions

  1. How easily can you get the information you need when you need it?
  1. How would you rank the level of interaction you have at the moment?
  1. Where do you usually look for news and information?
  1. When would you want to be informed, and what specifically are you interested in learning?

Team Communication Survey Questions

  1. My supervisor’s feedback about how I’m doing is enough.
  1. The policies and goals of an organization are shared to a satisfactory degree.
  1. This group does an excellent job of ensuring that its members know about important news.
  1. Is there a way to improve how information moves around our company?
  1. Do people at the organization’s top often talk about significant problems and how they see them?
  1. How thoroughly do you understand how the company plans to stay competitive in the long run?
  1. Is there constant communication between the different parts of the company?
  1. Do you believe everything the company tells you?
  1. Are you able to trust the information you get from the company?
  1. How would you rank the company’s level of interaction with you?

Internal Feedback Survey Questions

  1. Does management hear and act on your ideas and complaints?
  1. Based on what you’ve told us in the past, how would you rate our organization’s performance?
  1. Is there any progress since we started asking workers for their opinions?

We discussed different types of internal communication survey questions above. Communication with the outside world is also essential for employees, and there are external communication survey questions.


When improving internal communications, one of the first things to do is to survey employees and keep track of how many of them participate. You need to have a way to track how well your messages are getting through to make sure you have a reason to change your strategy. A quick survey is a great way to determine how well your internal communications work. One way to keep an eye on your company’s performance is to find out what your employees are thinking. Survey Point is among the top survey creation platforms and helps in providing efficient and interactive surveys. Please visit to know more.

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