Know about NPS Analysis: Detailed Procedure to NPS Data

Know about NPS Analysis: Detailed Procedure to NPS Data

Customer feedback matters the most in any business. A positive response from your customer will mean they will return for your product or service. In the past, one dissatisfied consumer could only result in the conversion of ten more dissatisfied customers. Still, thanks to the internet, this number can quickly increase from 10 to 1000. Therefore, you need NPS analysis more than ever.

With the help of NPS, you know what your customers are saying about your brand. It can help you deliver a better customer experience and quality products to your consumers. All these can be done when you properly analyze your NPS results. Just with an NPS score, delivering these would not be possible. 

Let’s start by understanding the Net Promoter Score analysis and how it can help.

NPS Analysis – Everything You Need To Know

Net promoter score analysis is the next step after collecting the NPS score. NPS research is a popular tool for gauging customer happiness and loyalty. It aids companies in determining how likely it is that customers will suggest their goods or services to others. In this analysis phase, the companies analyze the data from various points of view to get an accurate picture of their business. 

This analysis lets you go beyond just a single metric. Instead, it helps businesses get a complete understanding of their audience’s satisfaction. If the company can pull off the analysis perfectly, its loyal customers can help it succeed in the long term.

What are the Three Angles of NPS Analysis?

As a business, you can study NPS Analysis from three angles to provide complete insight. Let’s have a detailed look at the three of them:

  • Your Consumer’s Journey NPS

You should go for the net promoter’s score at two essential points of your consumer’s journey – pre and post-delivery. It is to understand whether your customers are buying your service or product when they become your first-time customers or because of the marketing of your product.

So, when you do a post-delivery NPS, you will get an insight into whether what your business promised was fulfilled or was just a fluke. The difference between the pre and post-delivery NPS is known as the delivery gap, or delta NPS.

If your delta NPS analysis is positive, you are doing excellent work, and your customers are satisfied. On the other hand, if it’s negative, you need to do further research to determine your improvement areas. At this stage, you can ask open-ended questions to your consumers, such as, “Will you recommend us to others?” It can help you get a clearer insight into whether your customers are happy.

  • Doing NPS by RFM Segment

You can only keep your customer base intact by treating them right. Whether you intend to treat every consumer with VIP treatment or not, remember that only some customers are alike and would need the same treatment.

You need to figure out the right customer profile for your business, and you can do that with the help of the NPS by RFM segment. You can use RFM groups to find customers with high lifetime value and those who would not be missed even if they left.  

Therefore, your priority should be improving your NPS score for these groups. So, by combining your NPS with the RFM segment, you can work on the ones that need the most attention and prevent any significant mishaps.

  • NPS by Location

If you have an offline store or different stores across the globe, doing net promoter score analysis by location can be a great addition. Through this analysis, you will know how your deliveries and sales are happening across different locations and if there is any specific problem in any particular area or place.

Are there Any Benefits of Doing NPS Analysis?

One statistic that helps you determine whether or not your consumers will suggest your brand to others is the net promoter score. Irrespective of your marketing strategies, you can only get an answer to this question by going through this analysis. 

Additionally, there are some other things that NPS can help you do for your business besides checking the satisfaction level of your customers. It can help you with the following:

  1. Improve Business Problems

You can select the NPS score based on the products and services that are optimal for your company. The creators of NPS scores, Bain and Company, stated that an NPS score above 0 is considered good, above 20 is great, more than 50 is excellent, and more than 80 is regarded as the top percentile. But this can further change based on your industry and work profile.

Your NPS survey should include what you like or dislike the most. Responses to such questions will help businesses improve the area and fix the problem quickly.

  1. Figure Out Your Loyal Customers

Getting a new customer is more complex than maintaining an old one. Therefore, with the help of NPS, you can figure out your loyal customers and make them your brand ambassadors. To assist in promoting your brand, you can incorporate them into your marketing plans.

You would want to retain your loyal customers and treat them nicely, which can be done with the help of NPS.

  1. Prioritize Your Work

When you combine your net promoter score analysis with the RFM segment, you know exactly the order in which you need to take care of your business problems. If you need to know who to give priority to and take care of, you will be giving priority to everyone.  

Even if you are a customer-centric company, you must prioritize your resources adequately. RFM segments customers based on recency, frequency, and monetary scores and further monitors their behavior and experience. 

With NPS, you will know which areas need improvement and can thus prioritize your work and resources appropriately.


Your business needs NPS analysis to link your advertising with word-of-mouth feedback from your customers. It will further help increase your customer retention and lifetime value. 

If you take the proper actions, loyal customers will support your company during good and bad times. By analyzing your net promoter score, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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