Sales Proposal Software Ideas

Sales proposal software, also called “sales proposal management software” or “sales quoting software,” can help sales teams make, distribute, and manage proposals for possible clients more efficiently. Even if a user needs to learn more about design or programming, the powerful tools on each platform allow them to make high-quality proposal papers with professional design, advanced branding, and rich media features.

The features of sales proposal software make it easier for different people to work together. This makes it easier for people to comment on designs, track changes, and accept the final product. Since many sales proposal software systems work with other tools, like customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, having relevant customer data automatically put into proposals is easy.

Sales Proposal Software Ideas

5 Best Sales Proposal Software Ideas 

There are many different types of software for sales proposals, and each one is made for another reason. Below is a list of the best tool in each of the five types of sales proposal software.

1. Software for keeping track of clients

Client management software is meant to be a complete sales answer by making things like invoicing and making appointments easier. Even though these options are better than other types of sales proposal software for making and keeping track of proposals, they still have much to offer. Client management software is an answer for salespeople who need a way to keep track of their sales process.

HoneyBook is the best tool to keep track of clients.

HoneyBook is a one-stop shop for small businesses and independent workers who need an easy-to-use, all-in-one way to keep track of their clients and income. Users can make and send out sales proposals, contracts, invoices, and requests for payment through the app. It can make simple but professional-looking sales proposal papers without the help of software like InDesign.

2. Software for making sales easier

The sales and marketing teams can work together better with sales enablement tools. It was made to host and create content that can help improve conversion rates.

Marketing teams can use sales enablement technologies to analyze data and give sales representatives tools that help them deal with objections, compare products more thoroughly, or address other worries about buying. These products can be stored on the platform, and sales teams can share them with customers.

Dock is the best tool for making sales

Dock’s reliable client-facing platform lets users quickly and easily share relevant assets with clients by using trackable links and a robust content library. Sales reps can also promptly assemble sales plans by combining parts from the content library. This makes document preparation very fast and efficient.

3. Platforms for managing RFPs and responses

Requests for proposals (RFPs) need a different approach than regular sales prospects, and to speed up that approach, they need sales proposal software. Response management systems allow users to make complex internal databases that make it easier to look for and get specific information. Sales reps can quickly and easily get numbers and other data that the RFP needs in a fraction of the time it takes to do regular database searches.

RFPIO is the best tool for managing replies.

RFPIO is an AI-powered tool that lets users easily collect their best material for RFPs and organize it into a high-quality, outstanding proposal. A manual search could take hours or days, but RFPIO’s AI can look through a company’s database and find answers to questions in seconds. This makes salespeople much more productive and gives them more time to focus on leads who are coming in.

4. CPQ

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is a game-changer for people who sell goods that can be customized and set up differently. Customers can ask for a quote on a custom-made product made to their specs through an online portal created by the program. The CPQ then makes a quote sheet and figures out prices immediately, with as little help as possible from sales reps.

Customers and sales reps benefit from how quickly and accurately the work is done and how little human labor is needed.

The best CPQ is Configure One.

Configure One, a brand of Revalize, was one of the first CPQ systems made for custom makers. It has since grown into a top-tier cloud-based solution. With the help of complicated rules and conditional logic, users can set up online catalogs for anything from T-shirts to car parts.

5. Template-based software for making sales offers

Template-based technologies give you more control over the look of documents and can be used instead of sales proposal software. Most of these programs come with drag-and-drop text and image editors that let users make polished proposal papers that look like a company’s branding. Users only have to pick a template similar to the style they like, and then they can drag and drop items into the editor to make it look exactly how they want it to.


After putting so much work into getting leads and building relationships, you want to ensure your final sales plan impresses your prospects. Finding the proper sales proposal software can be a game-changer for your sales team and take your business to a new level of growth.

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