Emerging Now: Employee Technology Experience Trends

Emerging Now: Employee Technology Experience Trends

Employee technology experience trends are advancing. But the main problem lies in incorporating this technology into our day-to-day functioning. Businesses must be familiar with the new technology and keep themselves upgraded. They need to think of ways to introduce these technological experiences!

These trends include remote working tools, AI and automation for routine tasks, personalized digital experiences, and employee wellness technologies. Companies are focusing on providing seamless tech experiences that enable employees to work efficiently regardless of their physical location.

It is the responsibility of the company to look after their employees and cater to their needs. Providing them with the best experience and latest resources is essential to ensure the organisation’s success.

As per the study, 92% of company managers have prioritised employee digital experience.

This gives a boost to the level of productivity and profitability of an organisation. Employees are said to be more dedicated and work hard when provided with a good level of technological experience.

What Is Employee Technology Experience?

New demands lead to the creation of new technology. It is the responsibility of employers to provide all the essential tools and equipment to make their employees familiar with this new technology. Employees need to gain experience regarding the use and application of this technology. 

With employee experience, your business can thrive. Employees need to be thoroughly acquainted to cater to the customers’ needs and provide a better customer experience.

Production of new products and services requires a proper understanding of the newly introduced technological devices. This also includes the employees’ day-to-day functioning and overall attitude towards their company.

The level of technology affects employee satisfaction, their willingness to work, their dedication and loyalty, and job retention. 

Why Would You Need Employee Technology Experience?

  • Employee technology experience is essential for every company’s growth and development. The employee experience determines the talent, opportunities, knowledge, and expertise that the employees can have based on the amount of exposure they get to new technology. 
  • The level of productivity increases up to 20-25% depending on the level of social technological knowledge of the employees.
  • Technology allows companies to reach out to their consumers in new ways. They can gain broader insights by becoming a part of the customers’ conversations. This allows employees to deliver an improved customer service experience.
  • Having the right technology affects people’s work. On average, an employee spends nearly 28% of their working time managing emails and organising files. With improved technology, this time is saved, and the employee becomes more efficient, and work becomes more effective.

Benefits Of Improving Employee Technology Experience

There are many benefits to employee technology experience trends. Some of them are given below.

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Technology allows employees to connect with the work environment globally and not just limit it to office workers. Employees are provided with all the necessary tools to which they have access at their fingertips. Google Workplace, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are a few examples of these online tools that provide chat and other connectivity facilities. Cloud computing and organising are other features provided by these tools that allow smooth working.

This allows them to work efficiently from anywhere and anytime. Another benefit is that important decisions can be taken quickly and conveyed in the blink of an eye.


The issue of doing repetitive tasks is eliminated with the employement of the right technology. Several online tools have features which, through automation avoid the hassle of performing mundane tasks. The time saved can be utilised to do more creative work, thus, boosting productivity.


New and improved technology opens various opportunities for workers. This opens up possibilities for growth and improvement, which leads to job satisfaction. Workers would be more passionate about their work. 

Their loyalty and dedication towards the company would increase, and they would take steps to introduce new ideas for the company’s growth. Employee technology experience trends lead to an increase in employee satisfaction. 

Technology is the key to turning disengaged employees into engaged employees, which makes them work passionately and leads to more satisfaction in their work.

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What is the Employee Technology Experience? | Qualtrics

Feedback is a source that gives you insight into your employees’ perspectives about your company. It indicates the level of employee satisfaction.

How dedicated and passionate are your employees toward the company?  Do they feel that their workload is manageable? 

Providing opportunities for growth and gaining experience. Acknowledging their efforts and rewarding them. These are some of the key factors that drive employee satisfaction.

There are various ways through which employers can gauge the level of employee satisfaction. A few of them are:-

  • Surveys:- Surveys are the most common method of collecting feedback. They provide valuable information.
  • eNPS:- Monitoring the employee Net Promoter Score can help you understand your employees’ mood. A higher score indicates a high level of employee satisfaction.
  • One-on-one Talks:- Individual attention can help you better understand your employee’s grievances and come up with solutions.

Adopt the correct technology that makes the employees’ work easier and more convenient. This would allow the employees to be more creative and productive.

New innovative ideas provided by employees can help a company grow. With the right technology, workers would be freed from mundane tasks; repetitive tasks would be performed automatically. This will increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the employees.

Several online tools have come up with the feature of organising the data and keeping a systematic record of client details. These tools reduce the workload of the employees and give them more time towards focus on being creative. 

Some of the most popular productivity apps are:-


Businesses should take measures to allow employees to learn new technology. Learning opportunities increase job retention.

As per a report, 59% of employees are more likely to retain their jobs where there are many learning opportunities. 

Technology helps people become more efficient and boost their productivity. Businesses should keep track of the latest technology and upgrade themselves and make improvements.

For this, organisations can partner up with an IT project services team that will provide the expertise and required resources to implement the technology.

Setting up engaging training sessions under the guidance of an expert can help your employees walk through the various features and functions of the program.

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Employee Technology Experience Trends

Below are a few employee experience trends that will help businesses track the progress of their employee engagement.


An organisation’s success depends on the level of employee engagement, job satisfaction and work commitment. All these are critical to the level of digital transformation.

An organisation comprised of employees who either easily adapt to the digital transformation or resist it completely.

Studies have shown that 61% of workers claim that technology allows them to be productive, but only 34% of them are satisfied with their technology experience.


Technology has been used extensively by organisations to improve their customer services and experience. Ensuring quick responses and grievance redressals are a few areas where technology has been used exclusively to maintain a company’s client circle.

But often, HR and management fail to employ the correct technology that caters to the overall development of their employee experience.

Transformational and sustainable growth occurs within a workplace when these aspects of employee experience are brought into focus:-

  • Skill Development
  • Collaboration between teams
  • Coordination between employee goals and organisational objectives

With the ever-developing technology, employee ChatBots are providing better and more enhanced employee engagement and changing the functioning of Human Resources Manaagement.

New remote working models have made working for the organization’s goals more convenient and significantly improved the level of employee satisfaction.


With limited resources, little investments and average infrastructure, there seems to be little scope for any type of exposure. Opportunities for growth are low and employee satisfaction may seem low.

However, the reality is that small organisations provide better technology exposure to employees as compared to mega-sized global organisations.

57% of employees have reported that the level of technology at their organisation provides them with better opportunities for productivity and development.


Technology experience for employees has gone beyond simple video calls and data management. In today’s lifestyle, employees seek jobs that offer working in remote and hybrid job environments.

A report by Work Trend Index found that 46% of the workforce is relocating as they can now work remotely.

As such, technology is what affects employee experience, level of productivity and workplace tools.


So, here’s the bottom line. Employee technology experience trends are changing how we work in big ways. More and more, companies are using cool tech stuff like AI, machine learning, and cloud computing to help their employees work better together. Thanks to new digital tools, working from home is easier than ever, and it’s becoming harder to tell where the office ends and home begins. 

Also, companies are now using tailored tech experiences and data to keep their employees engaged. But, with all this tech use, we need to make sure people know how to use these tools safely, so digital learning and cybersecurity are super important. As we look to the future, the companies that use these tech trends the best will be the ones that can find, keep, and inspire the best workers.

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