Top Ranking Questions To Use In Your Surveys In 2023  

Top Ranking Questions To Use In Your Surveys In 2023  

What if you have two people who want entirely different features on your software? Now, that can be an extremely uphill task. But, with ranking questions, you can get the job done easier while getting the needed data. A ranking question can help deliver the correct type of data to the team and allow them to make faster and sound decisions.

And, if you are searching for ranking questions to add to your survey, we have made an entire list just for you. The blog uncovers the top 12 questions you can ask in a survey in different use cases to keep making rational decisions. 

What Do You Mean By A Ranking Question?

As the name implies, a ranking question allows respondents to rank a series of choices according to their preferences. It can either be arranged from most to least preferred or the other way around. 

You can use these questions to determine which features your customers enjoy most and which areas require improvement. These survey questions can be used with any group of people in your organization to gain valuable insight that can be used to drive growth.

A common type of ranking question: “Please grade each item from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most significant and 10 being the least.”

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Best Ranking Questions For Market Research Survey 

Now that you know what ranking questions are grab your coffee and make sure not to miss a word. Listed below are the 12 most common questions.

1. Rank the following problems from high to low.

This situation can be a perfect instance to know your audience’s significant problems and understand the key issues that need to be addressed. By asking this, you can get a sense of the most pressing issues facing your target demographic and tailor your response accordingly. You can, then, shift your focus to these problems and tap into their true potential. 

2. Rank the following product features from least preferred to most preferred.

Contrary to a common fact, market research isn’t always about the target market. Also, you can use the questions to discover your users’ conceptions and perceptions of the product you offer. 

3. Rank the following features from most important to least important you consider when buying our product.

It is impossible to correct any shortcomings in your products instantly. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a single day! If you want to sell more of your product or service, it can’t hurt to find out what features are the most essential to your customers.

4. How would you rate these features in our current product/service from least to most important?

You and your team can iteratively improve the product based on responses to this rating survey question. The only difference is that your survey respondents will be existing buyers, and you’ll ask them to rate your top four or five selling points. 

5. Rank the following features that will help us improve our website. 

“When you think user research is expensive, consider what you would pay to design the wrong product.”

Website visitors seek a well-organized, aesthetically pleasing, and informative resource. Although consumers are spending less time online, it is more important than ever that brands take advantage of the functionality that customers find most useful on websites. Using customer feedback, even (or especially) negative feedback, can help a company improve its product and drive positive change.

6. From least important to most important, tell us what features are most important to you.

This rating question demonstrates what makes your product(s) stand out from the competition and what doesn’t. If you’re committed to continuous business growth, you must know this.

Best Ranking Questions For Market Research Survey
7. From least to most, which features do you dislike the most?

You need to know not just what will make your product necessary but also what will drive users away to a competitor’s product due to features, upgrades, or service issues. You can find out by answering the survey’s ranking question. 

8. In descending order of most trustworthiness, which brand is most trusted? 

Creating a new market is a “seasoned player versus novice” situation. Taking market share away from the dominant players in your field would be a good move. However, this is already a difficult task, and not knowing who you are up against only makes things worse.

9. Which Payment Structure Do you Prefer? Rank From Most Convenient To Least Convenient.

This would emphasize the desire of your target market for repayment flexibility. If you can satisfy their desires, magic happens (swoosh)! 

10. What would you buy the most if you had a limitless budget and could spend it on anything? Place the selections in order of importance to you.

This ranking question will highlight two points:

  1. Is there an interest in your industry’s offerings among the survey’s participants?
  2. Those who respond affirmatively are enthusiastic about deep discounts. Therefore, you will likely see a conversion if you can provide it.
11. From most important to least important, rate your customer support expectations. 

Steve Jobs was a strong proponent of incorporating user experience into the design and improvement of goods. This rating survey question will highlight what your target audience anticipates from the customer success and customer support teams. 

12. Which of the following do you expect from us? Please rank them from most to least expected. 

The phrase “kills two birds with one arrow” is among the best instances of ranking questions. 


The more you learn about the needs and wants of your loyal customers, the more respect your business will earn.

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The Wrap Up

So, there you have it! The ins and outs of a ranking question. These questions can be pretty valuable, especially if you want to interactively gather your user’s perceptions. 

Moreover, if you are looking for an online form-building tool to try these questions, SurveyPoint can do the job. The platform offers users a highly interactive dashboard consisting of several features and multiple themes to choose from. Users can quickly construct their surveys with dozens of professionally designed templates.

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