Performance Appraisal Templates You Can Use In Your Next Survey 

Performance Appraisal Templates You Can Use In Your Next Survey 

An organization’s performance appraisal has become a new normal — a way to systematically evaluate its employees based on their skills, coworking capability, value characteristics, ability to manage pressure, meet deadlines, manage resources, communicate, and technical knowledge. 

Appraisals are meant for teams, individuals, employees of a defined hierarchy (for. Eg: mid-level management), and the list goes on. The process is carried out by the seniors for their juniors and can take place via face-to-face, remote, or survey mode.

A performance appraisal questionnaire or process highlights an employee’s inherent qualities and capability to contribute to the company’s ROI growth in real-time. It is a blueprint to make an individual perform the proper job based on their expertise.

How to ask the right questions for performance appraisal?

A manager should ask an employee the right set of questions to minutely judge their caliber. As previously discussed, they can ask these questions themselves or go for a survey. An efficient manager generally asks the following questions in a performance appraisal interview the following set of questions:

1. What motivates you to perform the best in your job?

2. What are the tasks you enjoy doing the most?

3. Are you an intuitive person? How does your intuition align with your job expectations and performance?

4. What tasks do you not enjoy doing at all?

5. How do you motivate yourself while routinely doing tasks (as per your job’s demand) that you don’t like?

6. Are you a strategic person? Tell us how you frame your strategy with an example.

7. Tell us 2 weaknesses of you.

8. How do you manage a high-strung situation?

9. Are you willing to work an extra amount of time?

10. Tell us your personal way of looking at failure.

How To Scrutinize The Managing Leadership Of A Company?

Companies should also look closely at their managerial leadership. Managers can expect to be held to a high standard of scrutiny from their peers, but this can come in a civilized form. The following questions can be used to facilitate the process of eliciting feedback from an associate for their manager:

  1. As an important associate, do you feel the management is fair to all?
  2. What changes do you associate with the leaders here?
  3. Do the leaders praise your leadership skills?
  4. If you become a company’s future leader, what changes do you want to bring?
For further value addition, surveyors use the following questions:
  1. What initiatives have you taken to bring real-time growth to this organization?
  2. How do you define the term ‘Recognition of merit’?
  3. Do you receive regular feedback from your peers and seniors regarding the status of your output?
  4. Have you proposed any changes to introduce in the office policy or procedures?
  5. Are you sure, in the long run, you will be able to bring meaningful change to the company?
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Examples Of Performance Appraisal Survey Templates

Example 1:                    Manager Effectiveness Survey

Please complete this survey and help us to create an inclusive work atmosphere in XYZ(company’s Name).

            Takes 2mins

This survey is designed to gauge XYZ’s ( Company’s name) HR employees’ faith in their managers’ effectiveness. In addition to the survey, employees are also surveyed about the vaulting diversity of the organizational domain and their perception of their managers’ leadership qualities. The purpose of this survey is to analyze employees’ overall satisfaction with their employees.

Thank you for your valuable time and candid replies.

  1. *Please enter the full name of your manager:
  1. *Department
  1. * How long have you been employed at XYZ ( company’s name)?
  •   <1 year
  •   1 to 3 years
  •   4 to 6 years
  •   7 to 10 years
  •   >10 years
  1. * Have you worked in any other department before?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. How long have you worked under the authority of this manager?
  • <1 year
  •   1 to 3 years
  •   4 to 6 years
  •   7 to 10 years
  •   >10 years

Example 2:                           SelfPerformance Appraisal Survey

Let your workplace management know you better. Fill up this form and stand out from your competitors by furnishing valuable insights about your persona. It will help the management to see whether you need help or training or it is time for your promotion. 

At ABC, we are ever committed to pushing our employees to become the best version of professionals.

Thanks for choosing ABC as your workplace and taking part in this survey.

                                   [ * mandatory fields]

          *  Your Name _______________

           * Concerned Department ________________

Q. Rate how you feel about your performance in these areas on a scale of 1 to 5. (*

  •   1 to 2 [ unsatisfactory]
  •    3 to 4 [needs improvement]
  •    5 to 6 [average to satisfactory]
  •    7 to 8 [ good to excellent]

Q. How punctual are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

  •   1 to 2 [ Highly unpunctual]
  •   3 to 4 [unpunctual]
  •   5 to 6 [average to satisfactorily punctual]
  •   7 to 8 [ punctual than most others]
  •   9 to 10 [Highly punctual]

Q.  Are you a problem-solving person?

           Part 1: How often do you solve problems?

  •   Never
  •   When my manager wants it
  •   Whether or not my manager says it, I solve a problem as soon as facing it

Part 2:

Q.  Rate your problem-solving skill on a scale of 1 to 5?

  • 1 to 2 [Not upto the mark]
  •   3 to 4 [Needs improvement]
  •   5 [Adequate]

Q. How well do you think you handle criticism on a scale of 1 to 5?

  •  1 [Poor]
  •  2 to3 [Average]
  •  4 to 5 [Well]

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