Proven Tips to Improve Quality of Research Surveys  

It takes a lot of work to conduct a survey study. Obtaining high-quality outcomes is a common priority, but how can this be achieved? What is the definition of “quality” when talking about research surveys? 

Your survey’s credibility rests on the accuracy of the information you compile. The results might not be reliable if the respondents were dishonest, fraudulent, or just plain disinterested. 

The higher the quality of your research, the more insight you’ll gain into your target demographic, and the more you can tailor your products and services to them. 

The Importance of Conducting a High-Quality Survey 

Typically, surveys are carried out to investigate a certain market, go further into a subject, or gain a broader perspective on the world around you. 

A variety of businesses use survey data to formulate plans for the future. For instance, the results of such a poll might help a food manufacturer decide what kinds of novel flavour combinations to incorporate into their goods. 

Better quality survey research will yield more insightful findings. As a result, you may be able to maximize your ROI in terms of both research time and money and the quality of your business decisions. 

However, negative outcomes might divert resources and attention away from what will actually help your organization develop. 

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Best Practices For Conducting Reliable Research Surveys 

First and foremost, to collect valuable information, you must guarantee high standards in every research phase. Several options exist to accomplish this, so you’re not entirely out of luck. Some of our best advice is as follows: 

1. More Efficient Sources of Responses 

Finding an active and interested group of people to fill out your survey is what we call “sourcing.” Make sure the project managers selecting samples have the expertise to reliably combine ad hoc and tracking studies, regardless of your chosen data sources. It will guarantee the most significant outcomes in the long run. Always keep in mind the importance of sources in your survey. Inadequacies in this area will have a domino effect on the rest of the quality checks you implement in the survey. 

In addition, transparency is of paramount importance. Verify that the sample source is being forthright about the mixes they employ so that you may have faith in the results. 

2. Pre-Survey Audit  

Limiting the possibility of fraudulent activity in your results is a crucial step in maintaining high quality. This necessitates verifying that only genuine human beings are providing survey responses. 

Failing to do so will yield inaccurate information, biased facts, and, ultimately, uninformed decisions. 

Tip: Make sure your survey does not contain duplicate responses, which may skew results. 

3. Audits During and After Data Collection 

Respondents’ honesty and participation may be evaluated using checks administered during and after the survey. The following are some methods for accomplishing this: 

  • Tests of participant engagement during the survey: Using techniques like “trap questions” and “speeding tests,” we can verify that respondents provide accurate survey answers. 
  • Post-Survey Follow-Up Questions: Send follow-up questions to respondents to gauge their level of satisfaction with the survey’s content and design. This will help you improve future surveys and serve as a baseline for measuring success. 
4. Getting People Interested In Taking Surveys 

Engagement is the focus of both the pre-survey and post-survey checks. The quality of your final findings is directly proportional to how well you maintained a group of invested respondents throughout the process. 

Active participants are like a class full of pupils who are ready and waiting for their next assignment. 

The quality of a survey can go down if any respondents lose interest and might abandon the survey mid-way. Reduce the length of your surveys and ask questions in an interactive format to keep your respondents’ attention. 

5. Mobile-friendliness Optimization 

A representative and high-quality audience can be ensured by connecting with them on their preferred devices. Making sure your surveys are compatible with mobile devices is essential for this to operate. 

Over 70% of survey recruits sign up on mobile devices. Hence, mobile optimization is crucial if you don’t want to miss out on your potential audience. 

It is recommended to choose an online survey building tool that is not just accessible on a wide range of devices but also fully responsive across all screen sizes and orientations. Otherwise, you may have little participation or an unrepresentative group of viewers. 

6. Research Planned for the Field 

The overall fieldwork and sample plan is another factor to consider for enhancing quality. This is paramount for doing brand monitoring or other forms of longitudinal research. But it is also vital for ad hoc studies that need to recruit representative samples or meet strict quotas. 

You must trust your fieldwork managers to distribute quota-filling from many sources fairly. Assuring knowledgeable supervisors are in charge of your field operations is crucial for maintaining high standards over time. 

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Use A Reliable Survey Tool To Simplify The Process 

Working with a reliable survey partner is a terrific approach to guarantee professional findings at every stage. 

As a result of the reduced cost of implementation and maintenance, an online survey builder such as  SurveyPoint  can help businesses save time and money. The respondent can choose to complete the survey on their preferred digital device, making the process easier for them.  

It’s more hassle-free on your end because you can just send the survey link and import the results into the survey management dashboard as they come in.  

Whether you are conducting a simple customer feedback survey or a detailed research study, this online survey software can handle it all. Try the free pre-built templates today!  

Heena Shah – Content Writer at Sambodhi

Heena Shah
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