How To Write Survey Introductions: Tips + Free Template

How To Write Survey Introductions: Tips + Free Template

So you’ve created your first survey. After extensive hours of thinking and research, you’ve put everything together.

Now, what next?

You’ll want as many of your customers or potential respondents to engage with it as possible so you can have a strong response rate and quality, reliable data. 

To acquire all that, you need a powerful survey introduction.

You only get a small window to grab the readers’ attention, hook them in, and persuade them to click on the first question.

So not only should your introduction be convincing, but it should also contain other aspects that will help you improve your survey response rate.

So, how do you write that perfect survey introduction that will get the responses you wish for?

This blog will help you with that. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First, let us check out the definition of a survey introduction, its importance, and some examples. And then, we’ll go through some tips that will help improve your survey game.

Let’s get started!

Survey Introduction: What is the Purpose?

A survey introduction is a short description that appears on the users’ screens before the survey’s first question. You may also call it a survey disclaimer.

It introduces the potential participant to your brand for the first time. An introduction tells the user what to expect from the survey and why they should undertake it.

A good survey introduction acts as a guiding force. It puts you at the forefront of other companies interested in acquiring customer feedback.

Irrespective of your survey topic, questions, or content, you should always start your survey with an introduction. Based on the survey introduction, potential respondents will decide whether to proceed with the survey.

If you want maximum response to your survey, its introduction should feature the essential information.

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Survey Introductions Essentials

A good survey introduction should cover the following bare minimum points: 

Introduce Who You Are

People value their privacy the most. Hence, they hesitate when sharing personal information with an unknown entity.

Hence, you must share as many details about yourself and your company as possible.

State What The Research Is About

Be honest about your research and value the respondents’ time. 

If you’re transparent and clear, the respondent will perceive you as someone they can trust, thus making them more likely to help.

Explain How Long Will It Take

Time is money, and people have multiple commitments. Prepare your respondents’ minds by providing an estimated completion time, e.g., “This will only take 3 minutes of your time.”

Usually, people prefer shorter surveys, so ensure you only add the essential questions to the questionnaire. You can also let people know how far they are from completing the questionnaire.

Reassure Them About Anonymity

Always emphasize whether the responses will be anonymous. If yes, let the people know; you might receive even more responses and honest answers.

If you can’t provide anonymity, be upfront about it. Nobody wants to have their personal opinions used against them in the future.

To keep your survey introduction to a minimum, add a link to the privacy statement of your company. 

Give Proper Instructions

Explain clearly what you want the readers to do. Don’t just assume. Make it as easy as possible for the respondents to answer your questions.

And once you’ve received all the answers, make sure you thank the respondents. You can also bribe your users with some incentive to sweeten the deal.

Types of Survey Introductions 

Check out some of our survey introduction examples and pick one that best suits you: 

Market Research Survey Introduction

A market research survey details the customers/ target market’s situation. A survey introduction will give your target audience a clear idea about the survey and why their participation is significant.

Market research surveys help you stay updated with the current market requirements and monitor the competition. It also helps improve your offerings. However, before conducting market research, you should be well aware of your target audience.

The audience needs to be introduced to your brand if they are unfamiliar with it. Here are a few illustrations that should help:

  • Hello there, We are [company name], and we help manufacture affordable [your products] in the world
  • We’d appreciate you taking the time to answer this three-minute survey. Your responses will be anonymous, and the data will only be used for this research.
  • Why did we choose you? We are looking for someone who [describes your target audience], which makes you a perfect fit!
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Survey Introduction Sample For Students

Student surveys make up an essential part of education surveys. They offer critical feedback on courses, teaching quality, curriculum, extracurricular activities, etc.

When designing surveys for students, always ensure they are anonymous. Often, students fear retaliation, which will cause them to give false responses. Here are some sample survey introductions for students: 

  • Thank you for enrolling in the (XYZ) course at (ABC) school. Kindly share your enrollment experience by answering this 5-question survey.
  • This survey is anonymous, so do answer frankly. It will help improve our data accuracy and allow us to tailor our curriculum as per the responses.
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Customer Satisfaction 

How you structure your introduction will determine whether customers will respond to or ignore your survey. Make sure you share it with the customers at the right time. You can share it right after the customer makes a purchase or after he contacts the support team.

Understand your company’s tone and stick to it. Start by thanking and appreciating your customers for their business, then gently direct them to your survey. You can even offer some incentives to encourage participation.

Here are some examples:

  • Thank you for choosing [company name]! We want to learn more about your shopping experience. It will only take a few minutes!
  • Share your shopping experience and get 25% off your next purchase!
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You can’t compel your customers to share their opinions.

Any feedback they share regarding your business is a gift. They didn’t just take time out of their schedule to buy your product; they interacted with you to give you invaluable data.

Remember it when you’re creating a survey. Keep the introduction persuasive, and give the readers a reason to open your survey. 

A decently crafted survey introduction will be vital to your survey strategy. But before you start curating introductions, you must create a survey.

SurveyPoint will help you with it! Create short and stunning surveys in no time.

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