Driving Success: Proven Methods to Increase Survey Participation

Driving Success: Proven Methods to Increase Survey Participation

Surveys are the most robust basis for collecting real-time, effective feedback regarding any product or service. We understand you decided to survey your product as a firm/product owner. Imagine that you designed a survey and distributed it. The next thing you would expect are reactions or survey responses pouring in. But this process is always more challenging. Sometimes you need to induce survey participation in your business.

Even if they like or dislike something about a product, not all customers feel the need to provide feedback. Suppose you want your customers to provide feedback. In that case, you need to practice customized survey methods best suited for your class of customers that amplify the number of meaningful responses exponentially.

Best-picked Methods to Conduct a Survey Participation 

Considering the concerns with which you are here, we have crafted a sure-shot list of methods to enhance survey participation meaningfully. But before getting into the details, you need to understand that your survey method has to be according to the tastes of the customers you deal with the most. 

If you deal with multiple groups of customers, you might need to design different surveys for them.

Fixing Objectives

As a responsible professional, you should respect your and the customers’ time. You have to be clear regarding which topic/s you are putting forth in a survey. There are several purposes for conducting a survey. You have to determine which one you focus on.

Design templates and frame questions according to the objectives, whether it’s a feedback survey, a brand awareness survey, or any other kind of survey.

Focusing on Active Customers

Focusing on the target customers while designing and distributing a survey is essential. After finalizing the objectives, you must decide which class of your target customers will most likely respond to the surveys. It would be best if you chose the respondents to increase survey participation.

Selecting Suitable Timings

You need to understand the time game to win a survey battle. Based on the objectives of your survey, you need to decide when and how often you reach out to consumers to get responses. If you need to know about the delivery services, you should reach out to them immediately after they get the package; similarly, if you wish to know about the product review, you should wait for a few weeks to let the customer use the product and form a view regarding the product.

Another meaning of timing here is how frequent your surveys are. Make sure the surveys don’t seem like spam to them. Make sure to make a predictable cycle or send only a few surveys at a time; this might lessen audience interest in taking the survey.

Keeping it Short

Keep the survey questions short and exciting so they can take the survey easily. An ideal survey is generally 5 minutes long. The surveys should be quick enough to be taken during a walk or a short break. Believe us when we say short surveys are a guarantee of increased survey participation. People skip the surveys in the middle because they feel long and descriptive.

Telling the Customers about the Timeline

Another thing you need to do is make your survey inviting. You might have read or listened to these lines as the opening quotes of almost all surveys “This will take only 2 minutes” or so. While reaching out to the audience, you must let them know how much of their time will be taken for the survey. This helps them engage in something that is outside their agenda.

Choosing the Proper Distribution Channels

When you decide the motive of your survey, you fix the class of customers to be targeted for the survey. So choose the channels of distribution accordingly. For example, if your target respondents are Gen Z, they will not respond to a phone survey; a social media template would tempt them better. 

Similarly, other groups would be accessible via SMS, emails, or in between video ads. It would help if you considered different survey distribution pathways.

Making it Accessible

Expect your audience to refrain from clicking on a particular link to take the survey. Make it more accessible to them. Consider embedding the survey on the screen (text, images, etc.) so that the chances of them taking the survey in the middle of doing something increase. 

Customizing the Survey 

Customization makes things stand out. Imagine yourself as a customer receiving two survey emails, one is a generalized version that has been generated, copied, and pasted to thousands of recipients, and the other says hi <your name> and proceeds further. Which one would you respond to? The second one, right? That is the power of customization. 

Also, consider customizing it according to your firm’s needs. They should get the same vibes while taking the survey as they get on your website. This is a potential method to increase survey participation

Making it Suitable for Various Devices 

Selecting a template that fits as many device screens as possible would be best. A report breaks down netizens using desktops, mobiles, and tablets as 50%, 48%, and 2%, respectively. So, please ensure the respondent’s device is not the reason they cannot respond to a survey.

Providing Rewards for their Time

Sometimes rewards make things possible that other things can’t. The point to note here is that rewards or incentives might only sometimes be monetary. You can offer them 20% off on items on their wishlist or cart, any product for free, or a meager price. Consider offering your consumers incentives in return for their time and valuable views.

Designing the Template as per the Branding

Some netizens might love your brand and product but need more time to invest in an online survey. But if the survey is from their favorite brand, who knows if they will respond, and you could get great reviews!


Collecting consumer experience is part of product development. Companies collect feedback and reviews to design the next line of products or enhance an existing one. For this purpose, they conduct surveys. 

But not all surveys fetch potential responses. So you need to follow the correct methods to ensure survey participation from the target crowd is of good use. The methods cited above are time-tested and have worked wonders for firms for a long time. Please review them and find the ones that will boost your survey responses. 

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