Reviewing The Survey On SurveyPoint

The Review option on SurveyPoint allows users to preview and test their survey before distributing it to their intended audience. This allows users to check for any errors or issues with the survey, such as broken links or unclear questions, and make any necessary adjustments before releasing it to the public. 

Additionally, the Review option can also be used to test the survey with a small sample of participants to gather feedback and make further improvements.

Reviewing your survey on SurveyPoint is a pretty straightforward process. 

  • To get started, log in with your registered account and open your workspace. 

  • Click on Review present on the top bar of your survey. 

This is how the review panel in SurveyPoint looks like. 

  • This will offer you a Live Preview of your survey. Basically, this is what your respondents will see once they begin answering your survey. 
  • By clicking on the button highlighted in the image below, you can even change which survey you want to preview. 

  • There’s even a preview button (down near the bottom) that lets you see how the designed survey will look on different devices.

  • To make any adjustments or alterations, click on the arrow in the top left corner of the screen to return to the Create mode.

Sharing The Survey

As soon as you’re satisfied with your survey and ready to share it with the public, go over the Share Panel

Using the right method to send out a survey can affect the results and completion rates. For your convenience, SurveyPoint gives you the freedom to choose from multiple sharing options. It’s up to you to decide which one, or which combinations, will help you reach the broadest possible audience.

  • Once you have reviewed the survey, you can share the same by clicking on the Share section on the top bar. 

  • Under this tab, you will see a selection of multiple sharing options.

Get A Link To Share

Using this feature, you may send the link to your finalized survey to inform your potential respondent pool. Simply copy the link and send it to the recipient you want to fill out the form. Any visitor who visits the link you provide will be able to fill out your survey.

Share With People And Groups

By selecting this option, you can share the survey with your respondents via email, allowing them to fill out the survey. With SurveyPoint, you can also forward the survey to multiple people simultaneously by sharing it in groups. 

Share With Apps

With this selection, you can quickly and easily publish and promote your surveys across various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Get Embed Link

If you would like to embed the survey on your website, copy the link and paste it into the HTML or WordPress settings of your site. Preview and modify your embedded form by selecting one of the six available embed modes.

Hope that solves all your doubts. However, if you still have questions, we are here to help. 

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